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Based in New York City, Broadsword Partners, LLC is a discreet, performance-driven
strategic consulting, venture equity and business development firm.

Creatively combining capital, strategy and management to build value, Broadsword helps companies to conceive business models, define strategy, craft innovation, design growth plans, optimize financial performance, and evaluate exit opportunities. Broadsword advises financial professionals, entrepreneurs and established company executives on a broad range of strategic affairs across the US, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Broadsword Partners has affiliates in London, Tunis and Orange County CA.


Broadsword Partners provides strategic planning and management consulting to leading middle market companies, large corporate acquirers, private investment firms and startups. Clients engage Broadsword as their outsourced strategic planning and business development resource or to augment in-house corporate development teams. Broadsword also invests as principal. Our network of relationships span CEO’s, investment banks, private equity, family offices, hedge funds, commercial banks, venture capital, private wealth, legal, accounting, universities, consulting firms, fast growing small and medium companies and large multi-national companies and entrepreneurs.

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As architects of growth, we evaluate and structure an organization's optimal strategic alternatives in a wide range of industries to maximize value. We advise companies on projects ranging from designing accelerated growth models, introducing important business relationships, building management teams, strategic acquisition analysis, corporate governance, operating best practices and more.


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Through internally generated, proprietary deal flow and information flow, Broadsword identifies promising investment opportunities. Venture equity and established company investment efforts are centered on businesses with attractive operating models, demonstrated growth potential and proven management in industries in which we have expertise. We help portfolio companies to shape enduring, successful businesses that result in superior returns for investors and management teams.


MANAGEMENT: Michael T. Becker, Michael Bucci, E. Jack Finn, Benjamin M. Turner

SENIOR ADVISORS: Paul Cuatrecasas, William M. Kelly, Patrick A. Marotta,
Richard P. Mastoloni, Lutz Peters, Gregg T. Summerville, Peter N. Schaffer, Barry N. Wish


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